Adjustable Beds, a Life Changing Invention

30 01 19 - 06:02

An adjustable bed is abed thatcontains hinges in order to fold in different or specific ways. They can be used for different things, both in the workplace and in the home. Adjustable beds allow the user to adjust the bed’s position to suit the comfort of the person. Where the hinges are located will depend on what way the bed will adjust from. With its diverse uses in different aspects of life, it is certainly a perfect ingredient for a lazy and cozy lifestyle. More information about adjustable bed on reuters.

The first electric adjustable bed was put together by a doctor named Willis Gatch, way back in the 19thcentury. His design has saved many lives andis now being manufactured throughout the world, mostly consisting of electric powered beds. Some adjustable beds are manually controlled for those looking to purchase something cheaper.

Types of Adjustable Beds

There are many different forms of adjustable beds. Its adjustments can vary depending on the type or model. The speed of adjustment can also change with the quality. You may find some adjustable beds that contains hinges only in the middle, so the adjustment would only allow for the middle to bend upwards. Another type of adjustable bed may contain hinges in multiple places for multiple folding. One example is the Reverie 7S, which can fold the head and feet separately, while keeping the middle flat.

Adjustable beds have become so popular, especially amongst the lazy community, that it is making its way in the form of other furniture, such as adjustable chairs or adjustable tables, all of which were invented in the 19th century. These hinged mechanical inspirations are truly paving the way for a new convenient way of living, helping both patients in health care facilities and family members in the home to live a more comfortable lifestyle.