Increase Ad Revenue: The Role of Ad Designs and Formats

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If you want to Increase ad revenue from your promotional ads, increasing the number of visitor traffic is important.  The more traffic you have at your site, the more chances you will get for people to click on your ads.  Hence, a possible Increase ad revenue.

However, the number of visitors alone will not necessarily result to an Increase ad revenue. Ad designs and formats must also be considered to encourage website visitors to click on the ads which should lead to Increase ad revenue.

Ad Designs and Formats to Increase Ad Revenue

When it comes to online promotional ads, there are two ad-related issues that you must consider if you want to Increase ad revenue:

  • The type of ad – For purposes of this discussion, there are two ad types that you must explore:  image ads and text ads.  Image ads are ads that promotes a product or service by using images or photos. Text ads, on the other hand employ the use of texts to advertise.  Ad experts are maintaining that text ads are more effective if you want to Increase ad revenue.  It appears that people prefer text ads to image ads and would click more on ads that has texts in them rather than images. Learn more about Increase ad revenue on
  • The design of the ads – By design, we mean color themes that impacts the way website visitors will behave with regards to your ads.  Ad experts also continue to support the use of contrasting colors in your ads to Increase ad revenue. These experts have proven that people tent to click on ads whose colors contrast with the rest of the website.

The Website and the Ads Must Blend

Experience has shown that the website and the ads must work together to Increase ad revenue.  While contrasting colors are used extensively to highlight the ads, these colors must still blend with the rest of the color themes.  In addition, a poorly designed website will not Increase ad revenue for you.