Book to start reading: How to Develop the Habit of Reading among Children

13 04 19 - 05:44

Reading is one of the necessary skills to develop that best started at younger age.  Having a good reading skill won’t just make the person especially kids do great academically, but also contribute to lifelong success.  If you want to raise a booklover, here are some tips that you can follow. Check on them and let your child make reading a habit!

Choosing Books to start reading

Choosing books to start reading may be challenging. There may be books out there but not all of them fit to your children. The books they have started to read at young age may also contribute to their reading habit. So make sure that in choosing books to start reading, choose those with colourful pictures and images as well as large illustrations.  From this very basic activity, you can encourage a child to love books and make reading a habit.


Reading Together

As mentioned, the habit of reading should start at an early age. Encourage your toddlers to choose books that interest them and make time to read together. This way, you can assist children whenever there are things in books they do not understand. Moreover, children at this stage do not know how to read but they become interested in pictures and illustrations. Give time to explain pictures and illustrations and help them understand the content of the book. You also may find your ideal details about libros para empezar a leer on

Encourage reading anytime, anywhere

Along with toys, you can bring books wherever you go: vacation; picnic; get together, etc.  By doing this, you can let books become part of your child’s life.  Make books something that he/she can’t live without.  With this, you are allowing your child develop the habit of reading.  Such habit will then be brought even when he/she grows up.

Keep reading materials accessible

You can store books and other reading materials at your house.  When children grows up and are allowed to use gadgets, you may also encourage them to read e-books so that they can still enjoy reading without carrying heavy and bulky books.