What does ehrlich reagent useful for?

27 04 19 - 06:11

There are people that use designer’s drugs and party drugs just to have a good time. There are some countries that allow people to use this kind of substance but of course with moderation. Most of these drugs are LSD, mushrooms, DMT and so much more. But there are also some drugs that look exactly just the same and which can be hard to distinguish from each other unless you really have to use a testing kit for this.

Most of the common drugs that are being mistaken from each other are the LSD and the 25i-NBOMe. And if one person is not too careful about this then this could harm them. Good thing, there is now a testing kit that you can purchase and use in order to distinguish these substances from each other and that is the ehrlich reagent kit. You can find more details on ehrlich reagent on the site wimscilabs.

It is used to distinguish substances from each other

Just like what has been mentioned earlier in the article that ehrlich reagent is popularly known for testing substances if they are LSD, mushrooms, DMT, 25i-NBOMe or any substances. This testing kit is very handy at the same time useful because you are sure that the substances that you will use are not harmful before you use it. Or if you are in doubt about the drugs that you have recently purchased, at least when you test it out using this ehrlich reagent your doubts will finally be placed to rest.

If you are using drugs, these will come in handy

Since ehrlich reagent is popularly known as a testing kit that helps distinguish substances from each other, you can also make use of this before you try out the substances or drugs that you have ordered. There is news recently that LSD is sometimes being mistaken as 25i-NBOMe which is not a good thing. The substance 25i-NBOMe is actually very harmful and not advice to be used as a drug.

Those mentioned above are some of the indications why ehrlich reagent kit is being used. You don’t have to worry as to where you can order this kit because you can simply order them online and they are being sold for a very reasonable price.