Ways to Improve the Water Pressure in Shower: A DIY Guide for Housewives

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Being a plain housewife is not that easy. Most often, troubles in the house such as faucet not functioning well, air conditioner is not that cold, some appliances are damaged, and the need to improve the water pressure in the shower is always reported to the mother. A plain housewife who is used with these kinds of scenario have developed skills in performing temporary fixing in everything that needs to be fixed while waiting for someone to do the fixing professionally.

Today, let’s talk about ways to improve the water pressure in shower. This simple guide is for temporary improving of water pressure which could be done by mother or anybody who is always staying in the home. Take note that these are just “first aid” while waiting for help from professional plumbers. Want to know more about improve water pressure in the shower? Find more information on this website.

DIY Guide to improve the water pressure in shower

  • Check for any clogs in the circulation. If there are pipes and galvanized steel in your plumbing system, check for any debris that might be clogging in there.  Some pipes too may corrode in time and could block the passage which could be one of the reasons for low water pressure in the shower.  Plastic pipes are better than galvanized pipes.  But remember, you can just inspect and determine such problem in the pipe.  Replacing them would need a professional plumber.
  • Unscrew the shower head and clean the inside portion. There may be residues from minerals that could be deposited in the shower head.  Remove them all and check if there will be improvement.
  • Restrictors in the shower head could also be one of the reasons for low water pressure.  Restrictors may block holes and reduce water pressure. Try to remove it and observe if the water pressure is improved. 

If the above mentioned easy tips will not work, then it’s proper to ask help from professional plumbers.