The Best Place for your Car Hidden Compartment Kits

29 06 19 - 04:46

We all want to have privacy for ourselves. There are things that we don’t want someone else to know about it even by our family. When we have a car, we have things we want to keep where anyone cannot see or know about it. That is the car hidden compartment kits are invented. Here is the list of the places in the car that is best for your secret compartment.

Under the cupholdermolding

It’s a nice mix of privacy and security to your things if you have two or more cupholders in your car. You can hide your valuable things underneath it or in the middle of the two. This will somewhat spend some space if there is only one, but if you got more than it, you will have enough space for your secrets. Get more Interesting details about car hidden compartment kit on

Gas Tank

Even if gas is a liquid form of solvent and it emits a strong odor, the tank is also the best place to hide private things from others. But before you hide things there, make sure that you will wrap it well to avoid the gas is contact to the objects.

Under a heap of garbage

No one would ever get curious into the garbage inside your car. If it is messy to look at especially when it is inside, nobody would ever try to find something into it. Then it would be one of the best places, indeed.

Fake Catalytic Converter

With a bit of heat wrap around the pipe, an empty housing is the best place for a good supply. We would prefer not to burn the things beneath it that is why it is perfect for a fake one.

Molded into Body Panels

You don’t have to hide the object that much but instead make it as a camouflage like that will look like as somewhat a part of your car. It might take you some creativity on how you will pile it and design it to look like it is connected with the others.