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Take a look at some of your wine questions and corresponding answers.

Q1.  What are the origins of wine?
A1-a.  Louis Jadot History of Wine
A1-b.  University of Pennsylvania Museum-The Orgins and Ancient History of Wine

Q2.  How do I taste wines?
A2-a.  Wine Spectator's The ABC's of Wine Tasting

Q3.  How long does wine last, once it is open?
A3-a.  This question, gives me the most fun.  Because, before I really knew anything about wine, I use to open a bottle and keep it in the refrigerator for 6 months to a year.  Hoping that one day I would drink it.
Andrea Immer explains in her book Great Wines Made Simple, that wine is like an apple, once you cut it-it starts to brown.  So do wines.    It's been my experience that wines keep for 3 to 4 days, and some even longer as 3 to 4 weeks.  If it's not drinkable, I use it to cook with or as a red-wine vinaigrette for my salads.  Of course I wouldn't use months-old wine.  Use your own discretion.  You can buy a contraption called Vacu-Vin, which comes with two rubber stoppers and a vacuum pump.  This will help keep the wine for a few days.  Once it is pumped, put the wines - white, red, and blush in the refrigerator.  When you serve the red, it will quickly get back to room tempature.
A3-b.  Wine 101 from the Hannibal Library-about halfway down the page

Q4.  What are the top grapes used to make wines?
A4-a.  Key varieties and their characteristics
A4-b  Grape Varieties and how they are used to produce the finest wines.
A4-c.  Wine Spectators' Varietal Charateristics page

Q5.  What grapes are used to make Cognac?
A5-a.  Here is one winemakers answer
A5-b.  Method of the Cognac production