Sweet Wines

27 11 17 - 09:14

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At the Olive Garden we give more free samples of wine, than any one I can think of.  One of my first questions to our guest(s) is, what wines do you like best?  9 times out of 10 the answer is sweet wines.   So, I proceed to offer them the sweet trio beginning with the Chateau Ste. Michele Riesling, then Principato Rosato (produced by Cavit for the Olive Garden) which is a blend of three grapes, and finally Reunite's Lambrusco.  Many people prefer the Principato Rosato because it is sweet but not too sweet.  Whatever wine makes you happy is what matters most.  Afterall, This is wine's most important purpose.  If you like sweet wines, then drink them.  It shouldn't matter if the wine experts approve or disapprove.
I'm from Texas and we are the largest consumers of beer.   Most beer drinkers like their wine sweet.  
My wife loves beer and enjoys a sweet wine, so I dedicate this page to her.