Wine School

27 11 17 - 09:16

Hi, I'm Marty.  Welcome to's Wine School.   This school was launched on Dec 11, 2002 and is dedicated to my mother for her love and patience.  I know she had something to do with me finding three great websites on this day, 
1)French Wine Explorers, 2)Professional Friends of Wine, and 3)Wine Society of Texas.  
These sites inspired me to launch this school.

I love free wine education and I'm not alone.  Here you will have access to the best teachers and free websites on the internet.   I'm just the one organizing the courses, and quizing you on your new found knowledge.  My hope is that you will learn from these teachers and share the knowledge to your friends and family.   

Many thanks go out to all the teachers linked to this Wine School.  Enjoy and drink some wine!